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How it all started.....

Sredl Dairy Goats was established in October of 2013 .  Our oldest son, Braden, wanted to participate in the Open Show for cattle and swine at our local county fair.  Sadly, this was something he was too young to do.    After research, we learned that he could show in an Open Show for Dairy Goats.  It didn't take us long to fall in love with the Nubian goat breed and  a great breeder to help get us started.  Not long after that, we were thrilled to attend our first fair.  There, we learned the process of showing goats and all the many things that entails.  One of our favorite aspects of being involved in the Dairy Goat community and shows, is that everybody is willing to help and no one is ever a stranger.  Soon after our first show, we purchased our second doe and began to dabble in using goat milk to make cheeses, butter, and yogurt.  Since then, we've continued to build our herd and our name.  As a couple and family,  we truly enjoy all aspects of owning Dairy Goats.  We've built a family business from the ground up, using some hard earned, sweat equity.  Our two boys work the farm everyday and are learning valuable lessons about life: such as, how the goats depend on them to maintain their health, food, and water.  Ultimately, our boys enjoy showing their goats and are proud of the many ribbons they've earned.  So, we appreciate you taking the time to read about Sredl Dairy Goats and look forward to welcoming each of you to this amazing life style. Enjoy your clicking! 


The Sredl Family

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